Central Region Tournament

March 3, 2018

Team Registration is open.
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Basic 2017 - 2018 Central Region Dates to Remember:

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Event Date Venue
Central / Northern Coaches Training 10/28/2017 Carmel Middle Sch
Central Spontaneous Fair 1/20/2018 South Charlotte Middle School
Central Judges Training 2/10/2018 Beverly Woods Elementary School
Central Region Tournament 3/3/2018 Wingate University Wingate, NC
State Finals Tournament 3/24/2018 Wingate University Wingate, NC
2018 Central Region Tournament
Team Registration
(Detailed instructions)

Judge/Volunteer Registration

Central Region Spontaneous Fair

Saturday January 20, 2018

South Charlotte Middle School

8040 Strawberry Lane

Charlotte, NC 28277

Map and Directions

Fair 1 - 8:00 AM - Noon

Check-in starts at 7:30 AM 

Fair 2 - 1PM - 5 PM

Check-in starts at 12:30 PM


This year’s FEE: $25.00 per team

A link to pay by Credit Card or mailing address are included in your confirmation email.

Registration for the Fair is closed.

Include your membership name and the Fair you prefer. You must register each team individually and include contact info for their Judge.

  • Spontaneous Fairs 1 and 2 will be identical offering the same practice problems at each Fair.

  • The Fairs are offered to give you a choice between two sessions, a morning session from 8AM to Noon and an afternoon session from 1PM to 5PM. Please register your team for only one session.

  • Each participating team is required to provide a Judge. We will provide a quick Judge training.  We suggest your judge be someone other than the team coach since the judge will not move between sites with their team.

  • Please note your registration is not complete until your check is received.  If your check is not received by Jan 11, 2016 your space will be forfeited to the next team on the waiting list. No walk-ins or payment at the door will be accepted. This event is expected to sell out.  You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your check.

  • Your team will practice 3 verbal, 2 hands-on and 1 verbal hands-on spontaneous problems. 

  • Problems are designed for 5 team members to participate.  The other 2 team members may observe, be changed between problems or be mixed from other teams to participate in groups of 5.

  • Fairs will be filled on a "first register first served" basis until "sold out" at 32 teams each Fair.  Teams that cannot be accepted after Fairs are sold out may attend as observers.

  • There is no limit of teams that you can send per school or membership. We may need to make special arrangements for schools with large number of teams and memberships to be able to accommodate you. 

  • Please bring a snack for your team to have during a mid-morning break. 

  • Spontaneous Fairs should supplement and not substitute for team practice.  The Fairs will demonstrate to teams and Coaches how to practice for tournament spontaneous competition.  Coaches are strongly encouraged to watch and ask questions.

Note: Each school or organization registration entitles your membership to field one team per problem and division to which the team members qualify, e.g. a K - 8 school could field five division 1 and five division 2 teams under one membership. Please check the current program guide for details.

2017 - 1018 Membership Registration

New and renewed memberships usually receive receive packets within 2 weeks of registration. The packet includes detailed versions of each problem. Full text copies of the problems are available online as soon as your registration is recorded online (one or two work days after you complete your online registration). You will be contacted by officials from your region as soon as your membership is certified by the world organization.  You can jump start this communication by sending your Email address to rraley@bellsouth.net

Central Region Tournament
March 3, 2018
Central Tournament Schedule will be posted 2 weeks before the Tournament
Scores will be posted immediately after the awards ceremony
Information Packet
(Agenda & General Info)
Campus Map

Directions To Wingate University:

 Map of 202 E Wilson St Wingate, NC

Team Contract

This form helps team members and their families understand guidelines to follow on tournament day.

Do not submit to Tournament Committee

Food service tournament day:

There are limited eating facilities at Wingate University so we have worked out a meal plan with the dining hall.   We pre-pay so Wingate Food Service will know how much food to prepare.  This plan will provide a pleasant eating experience for everyone attending the tournament.  Pre-paid vouchers will be at the registration desk on the day of the tournament.  Pre-paid vouchers will have priority when entering the dining hall. 

 Click here for a look at the "all you can eat" Menu 


Online Meal Voucher and ordering Links will be posted prior to the tournament.

You can still pay cash when you enter the cafeteria!


Of course you can choose to take a picnic lunch or go off campus to eat.  If you go off campus be aware the trains block the entrance many times during the day.

Click Here for Hat Parade Information

Competition Sites: Site information will be posted as soon as available.
Problem 1: Triathlon Travels
Problem 2: Emoji, Speak for Yourself
Problem 3: Classics… Mockumentary! Seriously?
Problem 4: Animal House
Problem 5: A Stellar Hangout
Primary: We’re Cooking Now
Spontaneous  -  Burris Building